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Personal Support

In our support kit you’ll receive 3 months of personal support. Which means you can email me with your questions. I’ll respond within 1-3 workdays and answer your questions.


How does it work?

You can send me an email with your question, you can add screenshots to explain the problem. I’ll respond by sending you instructions to fix the problem or I’ll have a look at your website.


What kind of questions are included?

Small questions like, explaining how you can change an image, explaining how you can set up WooCommerce or explaining how you can upload a font.

If you would like me to customize your website, or a part of your website, I’ll ask for a compensation.


If you would like my help after the Support Kit, I can offer you a maintenance contract. You can ask me all kinds of questions like the Support Kit. I’ll also update your website and make a backup of your website every month. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about this matter.


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WordPress Templates

Shop your favourite WordPress Templates here at feeharmsze.nl!  All templates are created in Elementor for WordPress websites or webshops.